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About the Abbreviations used on the Ordo Calendar

The "1928 Book of Common Prayer" makes provision for numerous options in the Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer. Many of these are included in the rubrics written into MP/EP; others are somewhat "buried", being found in tables, the Lectionary, or various groupings of special readings such as prayers "Before the Venite" or "Sentences of Scripture".

In order to simplify determining the appropriate options which may need to be used for any given calendar day, abbreviations are provided on the last line for each day's calendar entry (NOT the "bottom" line; the "last" line of data for that day). The information is in italics and between asterisks, looking like: * * BV * *

In addition to the information for MP/EP, there are abbreviations for use with "Holy Communion". These denote when there is a seasonal Collect, seasonal Preface, or Proper Readings (Collect, Epistle, Gospel) for a day other than a Sunday.

SS - There is a Proper Sentence of Scripture for the Day or Season.

BV - A Proper Sentence may be said Before the Venite at Morning Prayer.

OV - The Venite is to be Omitted.

SV - A Substitute is to be read in place of the Venite.

Col - There is a Proper Collect for the Day or Season.

Prf - Denotes a Proper Preface for the Day or Season.

Prp - Indicates a day other than Sunday with Propers for the Day.

Eve - Indicates "Eve of" EP Readings in the Lectionaary for the following Holy Day.

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