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For those who use Twitter feeds, you can follow the Daily Offices with our Tweets. Each day three Tweets will be posted:

1) - A list of the Readings for Morning Prayer

2) - A list of the Readings for Evening Prayer

3) - Links to a copy of the Readings for Morning and Evening Prayer

This system is still under development, so please be understanding if things don't work quite right. The Tweets are submitted by an automated system to ensure that they are posted daily, and as soon after midnight (EST) as possible. However - computers and Internet access being what they are, it's likely that there will be days when things don't work right; and our offices (and our computers) do close down periodically for holidays and vacations.

Please note that the only Twitter feed associated with or authorized by this website is the one which bears the name "CommonPrayerorg". Others who use the name "" or list it as their web site are not legally or ethically entitled to do so, and may cause negative consequences to themselves and/or this website.

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